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Welcome to Sarkari result / Sarkari job / Sarkari Exam (

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Welcome to Sarkari result / Sarkari job / Sarkari Exam

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AIIMS NORCET 5th Recruitment 2023 | Apply Form Online 2023

AIIMS NORCET 5th Recruitment 2023

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All India Institute of Medical Science has released the AIIMS NORCET 5th Recruitment 2023, Common Eligibility Test (NORCET-2023) recruitment. The candidates who are interested in this AIIMS NORCET 2023 Recruitment can apply online from 05-25 August 2023. Read the Complete notification for recruitment eligibility, post details, selection process, age limit, pay scale and all other details. All the important information are given in the below table.


AIIMS Nursing Officer Recruitment Common Eligibility Test (NORCET-2023)

AIIMS NORCET 5th Recruitment 2023, Notice No 146/2023 Details of Notification


  • Application Begin : 05/08/2023
  • Last Date for Apply Online :25/08/2023 upto 05:00 PM only
  • Fee Payment Last Date : 25/08/2023
  • Correction Date : 26-28 August 2023
  • Exam Date Stage I : 17/09/2023
  • Stage II Exam Date : 07/10/2023
  • Admit Card Available : Before Exam
  • Result Declared : Notified Soon


  • General/OBC : Rs. 3000/-
  • EWS / SC / ST : Rs. 2400/-
  • PH : Rs. 0/- ( Exempted)
  • Pay the Examination Fee through Online Debit Card, Credit Card, NET Banking OR Pay Offline E Challan Mode.


 Age Limit as on 25/08/2023

  • Minimum Age : 18 Years.
  • Maximum Age : 30 Years. for AIIMS NORCET 2023
  • Maximum Age : 35 Years. for NITRD, New Delhi.
  • Age Relaxation Extra as per AIIMS NORCET 4th Exam Recruitment Rules.

AIIMS Nursing Officer 5th Exam NORCET 2023 :  Vacancy Details

Post Name

AIIMS NORCET Eligibility

Nursing Officer AIIMS

  • B.Sc Nursing and Registered as a Nurses and Midwife with State / Indian Nursing Council. OR
  • Diploma in General Nursing Midwifery and Registered as a Nursery and Midwife in State / Nursing Council with 2 Year Experience in 50 Bedded Hospital.
  • More Details Read the Notification.

Nursing Officer NITRD, New Delhi.

  • Diploma in General Nursing Midwifery / B.SC Nursing / Post Basic B.Sc with Registered in Nurses & Midwife with State / Indian Nursing Council.
  • More Details Read the Notification.

 Participating AIIMS Details


State Name


Uttar Pradesh


Uttar Pradesh










Madhya Pradesh






Andhra Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh










West Bengal






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About (AIIMS) All India Institute Of Medical Science:-

Role and Importance of Nursing Jobs in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)



The healthcare sector is an important component of any society, responsible for ensuring the well-being and quality of life of its citizens. Within this field, nursing plays a vital role in patient care, recovery, and overall hospital operations. One of the most prestigious institutions in India’s healthcare landscape is the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), renowned for its high standards of medical education, research and patient care. This article throws light upon the broad scope of Nursing jobs in AIIMS, highlights their importance, requirements, responsibilities and their impact on health care delivery.

Historical overview of AIIMS:

Established in 1956, AIIMS is a group of autonomous public medical colleges in India that operates under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Established with the goal of providing quality health care and medical education, AIIMS has consistently maintained its reputation as a premier medical institution in India. AIIMS aims to produce skilled health care professionals who can provide holistic care to patients and nursing is an integral part of achieving this goal.

Importance of Nursing jobs in AIIMS:

Nursing jobs in AIIMS are of utmost importance because of their role in providing high quality patient care and supporting various medical procedures and treatments. Nurses are often the primary point of contact for patients, making them vital in establishing a positive patient experience. Their role extends beyond direct patient care to include collaboration with other health care professionals such as doctors, technicians and therapists to ensure comprehensive and effective care.

Types of Nursing Jobs in AIIMS:

AIIMS offers a variety of nursing positions that cater to different specialties and departments within the hospital. Some of the common nursing job titles in AIIMS include:
1. Staff Nurse: These nurses provide direct patient care, administer medications, monitor vital signs, and assist doctors in various medical procedures.
2. Nurse Practitioner: Nurse Practitioners have advanced training and are authorized to diagnose and treat certain medical conditions, working closely with physicians to provide comprehensive care.
3. Critical Care Nurse: These nurses specialize in caring for critically ill patients, often in intensive care units (ICUs), ensuring patients receive constant monitoring and interventions.
4. Pediatric Nurse: Specializing in the care of children, pediatric nurses at AIIMS work in departments such as the pediatric ward, the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and the pediatric clinic.
5. Operation Theater Nurse: These nurses assist with surgical procedures, ensuring that the operating room is ready, instruments are disinfected, and patients are placed in proper position prior to surgery.
6. Psychiatric Nurse: Working in the mental health department, psychiatric nurses provide care and support to individuals with mental health disorders, helping them manage their conditions effectively.
7. Oncology Nurse: Specializing in cancer care, oncology nurses support patients undergoing cancer treatment, manage symptoms and provide emotional support.
8. Nurse Educator: Nurse educators at AIIMS contribute to the teaching mission of the institute by imparting clinical skills and theoretical knowledge, training and mentoring future nurses.

Requirements for Nursing Jobs in AIIMS:

Candidates have to fulfill specific educational and professional qualifications to get a nursing job in AIIMS. Generally, these include:
1. Educational Qualifications: Candidates must have completed a recognized Nursing program like Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc Nursing) or Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) from a recognized Institute.
2. Registration: Nurses wishing to practice legally in India must be registered with the respective State Nursing Council or the Indian Nursing Council (INC).
3. Specialization: Depending on the nursing role, additional qualifications or certifications may be required. For example, critical care nurses may need certification in critical care nursing.

Responsibilities of Nurses in AIIMS:

Nursing professionals at AIIMS perform a variety of responsibilities that contribute to the overall functioning of the hospital and the well-being of patients. Some of the key responsibilities include:
1. PATIENT CARE: Nurses are responsible for providing direct care to patients, including administering medications, assisting with personal hygiene, monitoring vital signs, and ensuring patient comfort.
2. Collaboration: Nurses collaborate with other health care professionals to develop and implement patient care plans, contributing their expertise to multidisciplinary teams.
3. Documentation: ofAccurate and timely documentation of patient information, treatment plans, and progress is an important responsibility for ensuring continuity of care.
4. Patient Education: Nurses educate patients and their families about medical conditions, treatments, medications, and post-discharge care, thereby empowering them to make informed decisions.
5. Advocacy: Nurses act as advocates for patients, ensuring that their rights are respected and their needs are met during their hospital stay.
6. Emergency Response: In an emergency, nurses are often the first responders, providing initial medical attention and alerting appropriate medical personnel.
7. Support: Emotional support is an essential part of nursing care, especially for patients in challenging situations or facing serious illnesses.

Challenges faced by nurses in AIIMS:

Working in a dynamic health care environment such as AIIMS presents a set of challenges for nursing professionals. Some common challenges include:
1. Workload: Nurses often face heavy workloads due to the high volume of patients and the critical nature of cases, which can lead to potential fatigue.
2. Shift Work: Health care operates round the clock, requiring nurses to work shifts, which can disrupt their sleep patterns and work-life balance.
3. Emotional Stress: Dealing with patient pain, emergencies and emotionally charged situations can affect nurses’ emotional well-being.
4. Lack of resources: In resource-constrained settings, nurses may have to manage with limited medical supplies, equipment, and support staff.
5. Continuous Learning: The field of healthcare is constantly evolving with new treatments, technologies, and protocols. To stay current, nurses must engage in continuous learning.


The impact of nursing jobs in AIIMS is deep and far-reaching, affecting various aspects of healthcare delivery:
1. Patient Outcomes: Quality nursing care is directly related to positive patient outcomes, shorter hospital stays, and decreased complications.
2. Patient Satisfaction: Nurses contribute significantly to patient satisfaction by providing compassionate care and addressing patients’ concerns.
3. Healthcare Team Collaboration: Nurses serve as a bridge between patients, families, and other healthcare professionals, facilitating effective communication and collaboration.
4. Clinical Research: Nurses at AIIMS often participate in clinical research studies, which contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge and evidence-based practices.
5. Education: Nurse educators play a vital role in shaping the next generation of nurses, ensuring a skilled workforce that upholds high standards of care.
6. Public health: Nurses are often involved in community outreach programs, health education campaigns and vaccination campaigns, and contribute to public health initiatives.

Professional Growth and Development:

AIIMS recognizes the importance of nurturing its nursing staff and provides opportunities for their professional development. This includes opportunities for continuing education, advanced training, leadership roles, and specialization in various clinical areas. AIIMS encourages nurses to stay updated with the latest medical advances and research while fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

 The importance of nursing jobs at AIIMS cannot be overstated, as these professionals contribute to the holistic care of patients, collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, and maintain the institution’s reputation for excellence. From providing direct patient care to participating in research and education, AIIMS nurses shape the healthcare landscape in India.

Innovation and Research:

AIIMS is not only a center for patient care, but also a center for medical research and innovation. Nursing professionals at AIIMS often engage in research studies, which provide valuable insights into medical knowledge. Their direct experience with patients and their expertise in providing care allows them to identify areas for improvement and innovation. For example, nurses may be involved in studies aimed at improving patient safety, optimizing care protocols, or enhancing the patient experience. Their contributions to research contribute to evidence-based practice and the advancement of medical science.

Public Health Initiatives:

AIIMS nurses often extend their influence beyond the walls of the hospital through participation in various public health initiatives. They participate in community outreach programs, health education campaigns, and preventive care efforts. For example, nurses can be instrumental in organizing health camps, conducting awareness sessions on hygiene and nutrition, and vaccination in underprivileged areas. By engaging with the community, nurses contribute to raising health awareness, preventing diseases, and promoting overall wellness.

Nursing Leadership and Administration:

Nursing jobs at AIIMS include a wide range of roles including leadership and administration. Experienced nurses often serve in managerial positions where they oversee nursing departments, develop policies and protocols, and ensure that nursing standards are in line with the organization’s goals. Nurse administrators play a vital role in resource allocation, staff management and maintaining the quality of nursing care in various departments of AIIMS.

Continuing Education and Skill Enhancement:

AIIMS lays emphasis on continuous learning and skill enhancement of its nursing staff. The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, with new treatments, technologies, and best practices emerging regularly. To keep up with these changes, nurses at AIIMS have access to a variety of opportunities for continuing education, workshops, seminars, and advanced training programs. This commitment to professional development ensures that the nursing staff remains competent and updated with the latest advances in the field.

Championing Patient-Centered Care:

Patient-centered care is a cornerstone of health care delivery at AIIMS, and nurses are at the forefront of supporting this approach. They establish therapeutic relationships with patients, listen to their concerns, and ensure that their preferences and values are respected. Nurses go beyond medical treatment to meet the emotional needs of patients and provide a supportive environment that aids in the healing process. Their role in increasing patient satisfaction and comfort cannot be overstated.

Ethical Dilemmas and Advocacy:

Nurses often face ethical dilemmas in their practice, especially in critical care settings. They must make decisions that prioritize the well-being of the patient while following ethical principles and legal standards. Nurses at AIIMS advocate for the rights of patients, ensure that patients receive proper care and are treated with dignity and respect. In cases where conflicts arise between various stakeholders, nurses play an important role in mediating and finding a solution that is in the best interests of the patient.

Global Best Practices and Cultural Sensitivity:

AIIMS attracts a diverse patient population including individuals from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Nurses at AIIMS are trained to be culturally sensitive and provide care that respects each patient’s values and beliefs. This includes understanding cultural differences, language barriers, and adapting care plans to ensure effective communication and optimal patient outcomes. The ability to provide culturally competent care is essential in a diverse healthcare environment such as AIIMS.


Nursing jobs at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) involve a multifaceted role that encompasses research, education, leadership, advocacy and public health initiatives beyond patient care. These professionals play a vital role in providing high quality health care, advancing medical knowledge and ensuring patient satisfaction. As AIIMS continues to be a symbol of excellence in the Indian healthcare landscape, nursing professionals will continue to be integral to its success, contributing to the well-being of patients and the advancement of medical science. The dedication, expertise, and staffing of the nurses at COMPAMS are essential pillars that uphold the institution’s mission of providing exceptional patient-centered care.

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